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*What is this site about?
  I originally created this site when i first got hooked on flatland bmx. It was my way to post videos that i filmed with my digital camera and show to friends and anyone else who wished to see them. I eventually got around to making it into an actual website instead of just one page with a bunch of links and eventually i got content from other friends who rode flatland aswell. After a while i switched to riding more than flatland so i changed the site yet again and kept the original name but now it hosts all types of riding footage. The content is mostly amateur but i do have some pro clips up that i've filmed or had sent in. While i don't ride as much as i used to nor do i update as much,i still try to keep the site up and running. It has been a passion of mine for about 3 years now and i aim to keep the site going and help build an interest in bmx.

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